Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m interested in receiving my clothes through the post but don’t want to spend ages filling in questionnaires. What has to happen before I receive my first clothes delivery?

We aim to make the process very easy and have split it into 3 tasks.

1 send a selfie

2 complete a multiple choice lifestyle question sheet

3 take your measurements (we send a tape measure if required) and fill in our multiple choice sizing sheet (we have films to show you where to measure if you’re not sure).

Your stylist will then assess which clothes will suit your features and which retailers will suit your budget before searching for clothes which are perfect for you and sending your first clothes delivery.

There are certain style details that I’m quite fussy about, for instance I don’t like button-down collars, how can be sure that stylists will get these aspects of my clothes right?

We’re very aware that men can have less garment and accessory options so every detail counts. We make our sign-up process simple but we give you the opportunity to share details which will make it easier for us to send you the best outfit option every time. As our stylist works closely with you and takes a note of clothes you keep or return it becomes easier to send clothes that you enjoy wearing. We make it free for you to return clothes that you don’t like so that you’re only charged for clothes that fit you, suit you and make dressing fun for you.

Why do you need me to send a headshot selfie and close up of my eye?

You not only receive clothes which fit your body shape and lifestyle requirements but we also assess which specific colours should be in your wardrobe. We use the Colour Elements personal colour system which is exclusive to our online stylist. This aspect of our service means that the colours of your clothes will complement your features and make you look better without even trying!

I’ve heard a lot recently about the damage that clothes production causes the environment and don’t want to be part of the problem. Can be part of the solution?

We think that best solution to the issues regarding clothes production and disposal is to buy carefully. Clothes which are chosen with the style, fit and colour needs of the person who will wear them tend to be worn more, valued more and wasted less.  We also aim to source clothes from smaller independent stores when possible and if there’s an ethical option then we’ll give our customers that choice.

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